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What I Want You To Know

No matter who you are, how old you are, what you are doing, or where you are going…there are some things that you always need to remember…things that I want you to know.

Don’t be scared or shy.

Put yourself out there. Embrace the opportunities and take risks. Don’t be afraid of the big world because if you are, you will miss all of the things it has to offer. Learn from it, connect with new people, and explore. The biggest leaps in self-discovery and personal growth come from this.

Be true to yourself and never let anyone compromise your ethics or safety.

Maintaining your personal integrity and prioritizing your well-being makes you better in all aspects of your life.

Always be your authentic self, but at the same time, take the feedback and coaching given to you to grow.

Being your authentic self doesn't mean rejecting feedback and coaching. It means balancing your core values, beliefs, and identity with a willingness to learn, evolve, and grow. By being open to feedback, you can refine your authentic self, enhance your abilities, and navigate your personal journey with a sense of purpose and authenticity. Remember, feedback is a tool for growth, but it is up to you to discern its relevance and align it with your authentic aspirations. You are so bright. There will be times your brightness will dim but don’t let it dim for too long.

You will have “those” days, but always remember to smile.

Remember, everything has a positive. Approach everything with a positive and open mind - no matter how bad the situation may seem.

Learn more than you’ve been taught.

Learning is a lifelong skill and should never stop. Seek knowledge proactively. Don’t wait around for the next direction from someone. Explore diverse perspectives, pursue personal interests, and adapt to the changing world. By expanding your learning horizons, you open yourself up to a wealth of knowledge and experiences that contribute to personal growth, fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Conflict is part of life.

Learn to walk towards the conflict as usually, it doesn’t just go away. If you approach conflict in a candid, courteous, and constructive way, it will have the best outcome possible.

Change will happen - and usually, it’s for the good.

Ride the wave, learn from it, and approach it head-on. Take the opportunities that change can bring to you. And know that when we resist change, we can give up joy, and opportunities are wasted.

90% of the time, you should be waking up energized to take on the day, your job, and loving what you do.

If not, it’s most likely time for something new.

Remember, no matter how hard things get, you have people that love you and will do anything to help you out.

Lean into those people. Family, friends, mentors, colleagues…there are always people willing to listen and support you.

Speak up and use your voice.

Share your thoughts and opinions, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Too many times if you don’t say it, you will regret it later.

Everyone is human.

You will have great leaders in your life. People who will invest in you and teach you. But remember, they are human too. You will make mistakes along the way, and so will they. This is when you will have to be more resilient and self-sufficient. Take note of what your leaders do, and pay attention to the things you like and don’t like. You may be a leader of people someday, and learning from your leaders will help you develop your own leadership style.

All people are to be respected and know that they are never “bigger” or “smaller” than you.

No matter your position or someone else’s, treat everyone with kindness and respect. Recognize the inherent worth in all those around you and soak up what they teach you - from the biggest to the smallest lessons.

You will have days of defeat and sadness and ones where you wonder if you are good enough - but you are ALWAYS GOOD ENOUGH.

Don’t get stuck comparing yourself to others. Don’t let others put you down, make you feel small, or get stuck in your own head. These feelings are temporary, and more importantly, you have the opportunity to change them. Don’t let anyone take your confidence.

Listen to others, as you won’t always be right.

You may not like their opinions or what they have to say but come to the table with an open mind. This will allow you to expand your perspective, foster empathy, and acknowledge your desire to be a lifelong learner. Most importantly, it will show that you want to be part of the team.

Don’t forget to take credit for your ideas.

Taking credit for your ideas is an important aspect of professional growth, self-recognition, and accountability. By confidently asserting ownership, you create opportunities for advancement and inspire others to do the same. However, it is also crucial to recognize and acknowledge the contributions of others on your team. Balancing self-recognition with appreciation for teamwork fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere - which benefits everyone.

Be there for your friends and peers.

When you are supportive of those around you, those around you are supportive of you.

Always think one step ahead.

Anticipate challenges. Seize opportunities. Set big goals. Adapt to change. Be proactive. When you do these things, you are able to more easily overcome obstacles, set yourself up for success, and remain a step ahead.

Don’t keep yourself little.

Embrace your potential. Challenge those beliefs that may be limiting you. Pursue big goals. Take risks. Celebrate achievements. Inspire others. You must always believe in your abilities as you have the power to do extraordinary things.

Have fun.

Yes, fun has a place in all that you do - even work.

Be humble.

Being humble involves self-awareness, openness to feedback, valuing others, gratitude, collaboration, empathy, continuous learning, and modesty. Cultivating humility enables personal and interpersonal growth, promotes positive relationships, and contributes to a harmonious and compassionate world - which is so needed. Remember, true humility is not about diminishing your worth but recognizing it in a balanced and respectful manner.

Travel the world.

Traveling the world offers a multitude of benefits, including expanding your perspectives, promoting personal growth, building connections, and providing a sense of adventure and joy. Whether it's exploring far-off lands or immersing yourself in local cultures, traveling allows you to broaden your horizons and gain a deeper appreciation for the world we share.

Max out your 401(K) as soon as you start your new career.

Yes, money is important. By maxing out your 401(k) contributions early in your career, you can take a huge step toward securing your financial future.

Know what’s happening around you.

Whether it be in politics, the economy, world events, the stock market, or the latest social media craze, know what’s happening in the world. Curiosity is a good thing.

Your future is yours.

Go and do all of the great things that I know you are capable of…your future is so bright, and you will achieve so much.

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