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You Have a Dream- Where do You Start?

Dear Georgia,

So you have a dream? Maybe you’re good at what you do already? Maybe you’re worried about what others think? Is it time for a change?


You have a great life…. A nice home that you dreamed of as a little girl. The family you always wanted and everyone is thriving and healthy. Your career went beyond what you imagined. All of these things as you look back have come with hard work and yes FEAR!

Life Changes

Life changes from when you are 16 to 21, 29, 35, 40 years old.  When I was sixteen still listening to my 45 LP records I was dreaming of the big world out there.  Living on a farm where we didn’t travel the big world seemed like a scary place. Now I have traveled all over.  At 21 I was dreaming of graduating college and about my first real job. The first real job scared me as that meant real-life responsibilities and what if I failed and was fired and had to move back home.

My first job was sales and I had no clue what I was doing…. Rejection was my word of the day.  Guess what I look back now and that time in my life was some of my biggest growth and believing in myself. At 29 I had a goal of making a certain salary per year and that would have meant success. What success meant was the money and didn’t mean anything else….. Okay, my reality still was naive! 

Why Now?

So why now do you have another dream or passion? Maybe you didn’t acknowledge or heck maybe even have time to think about it. You have been busy surviving. You’ve been busy with your career…… Raising a family…. Taking care of everyone else….. Being a single mom and you were tired…. Maybe you’ve had it in you the entire time but doubt, fear, and excuses pushed them back. Face reality… You put your dreams on hold to help others achieve their dreams, It is now time for YOU! As you look back you have followed your other dreams or maybe you’re looking back and didn’t follow a dream and have regrets. Maybe your life’s path has put yours into a new path that shows a new passion emerging.

You have a Dream – So Now What?

You have a dream. So now what? Take a step to talk to someone and share your dream.  The best thing that can happen is they support you 100%. Give you a big hug and smile and tell you to go get it! They have 100% faith in you. 

Or maybe they ask you why or judge you for wanting more. Or worse they say in a judgmental tone “You really think you are the person that can do this?”

Now you may feel deflated and retreat. Cry… get angry… and push those dreams back once again.  Something deep in your gut or heart that you felt so excited about and empowered you has now been squashed.  Why?  Read more about BK & Bert

Don’t Doubt Your Abilities

Too often we let others dictate our mood or our dreams. We doubt our abilities and have you ever thought that maybe that person that made you feel this way is imagining their own fears and doubts onto you. Are they the ones that already feel little? Have they faced failure and it scared them so much they vowed they would never take a risk again? Or are they trying to “protect” you? So why are you going to let this happen? Maybe it’s your husband, parent or friend. Yes, they love you!

Step Out!

Don’t let this stop you from the dream and passion. STEP OUT out of your fears and doubts and take the first step. Right now you’re thinking your crazy and/or stupid. Tell the Monkey Brain to quiet down. Don’t let it take control of what you have to offer. Fear is a natural instinct that is in us all. It keeps us safe from danger. Do you really think your dreams and passion are dangerous? What’s the worst thing that can happen? Is this a danger that is going to put you into physical harm…. I doubt it.

Failure is Okay

Aren’t you worth it? So what if it fails? Haven’t you failed before? Were you put into physical harm when you failed? NO! Your ego was hurt. Maybe you were sad. Maybe you felt like you wasted a lot of time. OR…… Maybe your failure led to you somewhere different. Maybe after the disappointment, you were stronger and more confident. Have you learned something new and enjoyed the process. WOW… this sounds like growth! You now are stronger and more confident about the next thing.

Next Steps

You know yourself now BELIEVE in yourself. Stand tall and take a deep breath.  Seriously, STAND up right now. Actually wait for a second…. Go get your favorite pair of shoes that you feel like you own the world and ready to kick ass.   If you don’t have a favorite envision the pair you want to buy. Okay, stand tall. Now take that deep breath. If you think I don’t know that you aren’t standing the tallest that you could be.  I know you are still sitting! I see you!

Take away all of that denial, self-talk, and previous failure and throw it to the side. Say this… “NOT TODAY” Repeat it 3 times and continue to take these nice deep breaths. Now you’re ready to take your first step.   That first step might be exhilarating once you have done it all of the self-talk and doubts have turned into confidence to keep moving toward your dream or passion.  

The First Step

The first step felt sooooo good but you’re still scared and maybe are unsure of the second step. This is what you are going to do…. You are going to grab your phone, sticky note or piece of paper. Write out your dream even if its one word. Put it on the mirror or use it as your screensaver or shove it in your billfold with all of the other junk….. Your dream isn’t junk! It will show up again when you least expect it. After you take those first few steps, remind yourself that you are good enough. One of my favorite quotes from the movie The Help “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”


Commit to yourself, take the next step and your DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!!!

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