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The Summer of Swimsuit Confidence? Hell Yes!

Confidence is Amazing

I want to share a few stats with you…

Planet Fitness did a survey that found that:

  1. 33% of women found showing off their bodies in bikinis to be a major stressor

  2. 46% of women don’t feel confident about their body in a bathing suit

  3. 76% of women stated they were more critical of their own appearance in a bathing suit than that of others

Refinery 29 did a survey and found that:

  1. 42% of women feel bad about themselves when they look at other people’s beach pictures

  2. 60% of women who won’t take photos on the beach said they won’t do it because it makes them feel self-conscious

I have to say that when I read those statistics – while I wasn’t surprised by them – they did make me sad.

But I understood why women feel this way. 

I’ve felt this way.

After all, who wants to show off those little jiggly bits or stretch marks or flat bum – or whatever part of your body you don’t happen to appreciate – in a swimsuit? 


But that’s the thing – WE ALL FEEL THIS WAY! ALL OF US! 

If I was to interview the world’s most gorgeous supermodel – I bet she would tell me that there is a part of her body that she’s not so sure about. 


So, if we all feel this way – then we can all stand to gain some swimsuit confidence!

Goal for the Summer

In fact, it’s one of my goals for the summer! I’m putting on my swimsuit! I’m going to the lake! I’m going to enjoy the water! I’m going to cool off on a hot day! 

And so are YOU!

Let's Go Shopping

Now, if you’re thinking, “Yeah…I’m not so sure about this! I don’t even think I own a swimsuit!” – then here’s what you’re going to do:

You are going swimsuit shopping.

Yes, you are going to shop for a bathing suit. You can head to a store you like or order online – but you’re going to try on some swimsuits.

You are going to find a suit YOU like.

Try on all of the sizes and all of the styles and find one that YOU like. Not one your spouse likes. Not your best friend. Not your daughter. Not your mom. You are going to find a swimsuit that YOU like. This may mean trying on 23 swimsuits or ordering from 8 different online stores – and that’s all good. All you need is one suit that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel confident.

You are going to talk to yourself in a positive manner.

Throughout the entire swimsuit process – from the shopping to the wearing in public – there will be no negative self-talk. No mention of:

  1. I wish I had lost 10 pounds over the winter.

  2. Man, I should’ve done a few more squats.

  3. Whoa! Should’ve gotten waxed before this!

Nope! Not a negative word! 

Instead, you’re going to say things like:

  1. Wow! This swimsuit color is perfect for my skin tone.

  2. I love the way this suit makes me feel!

  3. I can’t wait to wear this on vacation!

And you’re going to mean it! Every word!

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You’ve heard the expression, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s true! So no looking at others in swimsuits and thinking, “Why don’t I look like her?” – because we’re each unique and exactly who we’re meant to be – even in a swimsuit.

Swimsuit Challenge

Remember your body’s a beach body (or a pool body or a lake body).

It certainly is! All bodies belong at the beach or the pool or the lake in the summer – and that includes yours! 

So, here’s the thing – let’s make this the “Summer of Swimsuit Confidence” – and I mean ALL OF US! Are you in? Can I hear a “Hell yes!”?

Want to Learn more About Confidence?

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