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Let’s Celebrate Our Victories!

Last week we talked about helping others succeed and how important it is for you, as a leader, to make sure your team is successful – because that means success for everyone.

And I briefly touched on the importance of recognizing and rewarding your team for all of their positive efforts. This week, I want to dig into that a little more.

We all know that in today’s workplace, the employee seems to have the upper hand when it comes to finding a job. Record numbers of people are leaving their places of employment and searching for new jobs with new companies. 

And, while we used to see people on the hunt for a job because they wanted more money, that’s not totally the reason why it’s happening now. Yes, money is always going to be a driver, but nowadays, workplace culture, feeling valued, and the ability to make a positive impact are what more and more employees are looking for – and I think that’s awesome. After all, who doesn’t want those things?

With this in mind, I want to share why I think it’s so important to celebrate our victories at work.

Why Celebrate Victories at Work

There are many reasons you should celebrate victories at work – both big and small – and here are a few of my favorites:

Improve Employee Engagement

  1. Improve Employee Engagement – Studies have shown that people who are recognized for their hard work and accomplishments are more engaged at work – meaning they’re more invested in their job and, in fact, studies have shown that the quality of their work improves. (But did we really need studies to know that this is the case? I don’t think so.)

Set the Example

  1. Set the Example – Remember when we talked about our role as a leader is to help those around us be successful, too? Because one of your goals should be to help other people become leaders, too. By setting the example of celebrating your team members, you set the expectations for future leaders.

Create Positive Company Culture

  1. Create Positive Company Culture – In this day and age, company culture is all the buzz. Without a positive culture, your employees are going to leave and head for greener pastures. Using recognition and rewards to celebrate your team goes a long way to helping you maintain a positive culture at work.

What to Celebrate

Should you only be celebrating the big things? No. Do you need to celebrate all of the small moments? No. But you do need to do some of both. Big and small victories should be celebrated. 

Did someone just get their MBA? Did your team land a client you’ve been courting for the last 6 months? Did you have an exceptional quarter and hit those goals? Did you have a great team meeting where everyone contributed in a positive manner? Did Suzy get a promotion? Did your manager love an idea from one of your team members? CELEBRATE IT!

How to Celebrate Victories at Work

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Privately Acknowledge Good Work

Privately Acknowledge Good Work – This could be a handwritten note, an email, or just a moment in my office where I recognize someone for their hard work. Nothing fancy. Nothing formal. Just a heartfelt acknowledgment.

Publicly Acknowledge Good Work

Publicly Acknowledge Good Work – There will be times when it’s appropriate to publicly acknowledge the work of your team or a team member. Maybe it’s at a company function or on social media, or on an employee bulletin board. But if you get the opportunity to do it publicly – take it!

Give Rewards

Give Rewards – Rewards don’t need to happen all of the time. And they don’t always have to take the form of a company bonus at the end of the fiscal year. (Although a bonus is an amazing form of recognition.) But it can be in small rewards, too. A cup of coffee, a day off, a team lunch – these are all great rewards.

Don’t Forget Thank You

Don’t Forget Thank You – And let’s not forget or dismiss the power of “Thank you.” Those two words can be all that’s needed to tell someone that their efforts are appreciated.

So, how about it? Can you find a few ways to celebrate the wins this year? Do you have ideas for doing so? Let’s make it a priority in 2022 to celebrate the victories – for you and your team!

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