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Is It Time to Reframe Your Mindset?

Is it Time to Reframe your Mindset

Last week’s blog on bravery seemed to really resonate with some of you. More than a few of you messaged me and said, “I’m struggling with being brave.” 

I get it.

Being brave makes you vulnerable – and being vulnerable often makes us feel uncomfortable.

It's Time to Reframe

So…I’m thinking it might be time to reframe your mindset.

Because when you’re letting your thoughts get the best of you…it can be hard to be brave.

I’ve spent some time in the past reframing my thoughts…that’s for sure. Can I do this? Am I capable? Am I smart enough? And, I am all of those things! Yet, I didn’t know it until I reframed my mindset.

Of course, it wasn’t easy – but it was totally worth it.

Make it Worth It

Why was it worth it? Because when you’re letting doubt, anxiety, or fear control you – you can’t take action. 

And if you’re not taking action – you can’t be brave – which holds you back from whatever it is you truly want.

Are you still with me? I hope so because you are all brave – even if you don’t feel it at the moment. It just may mean you need to spend a bit more time on your mindset…and here are my best tips to get your mindset on track so you can take action.


Journal what you’re feeling. 

You are not going to ignore what you’re feeling – because if you try to ignore those feelings or swallow those feelings – you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to overcome them. So, when you feel all of the feelings – get it down on paper (or in your online journal). Then, spend some time looking for patterns and facing your feelings head-on.

"Is it true?"

Ask yourself, “Is it true?”

When you put those feelings down on paper, I want you to ask yourself, “Is it true?” I’m going to bet big money that most of the doubts, worries, and anxieties you’re feeling are not based on facts. (It’s also helpful here to try and remove the emotion from your feelings. It’s tough – but when the emotion is gone from the statement – it’s much easier to look at things more logically.)

Does This Help Me?

Then ask yourself, “Does this help me?”

Give those thoughts you’ve written down a hard look and decide if they help you in any manner. Most likely – they don’t. 

Be Realistic

Now lots of coaches would tell you that you need to put a positive spin on things at this point in time, but what I want you to do is put a REALISTIC spin on things. For example, if you’ve thought about the worst-case scenarios – why not think about the best-case scenarios, too? Because both the worst and the best have a chance of happening – so be realistic about it.

Get Ready!

Get ready to take action and create a plan.

It’s time to create a plan that’s going to allow you to take action. 

For example, you’re nervous about asking for a raise. You’ve written down your thoughts. You’ve decided what you’re feeling is not necessarily true – and it’s definitely not helpful. You’ve figured out what realistically could happen, and now you’re ready to make a plan to get that raise. So you email your boss for a time to meet. You list reasons why you deserve a raise at this time. You practice this discussion with your BFF or partner. You feel confident going into your meeting.

Stick With It

Understand that reframing your thoughts isn’t going to be an automatic thing – and it may take some time. So don’t just “one and done” it. Keep working at it. Keep going through the steps. Eventually, you won’t even have to think about it…and you’ll find yourself skipping to “Get ready to take action and create a plan” without hesitation.

Use It!

The ability to reframe your mindset can be one of your most powerful tools – and one you should definitely work to master! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to take action and be brave – all because my mindset is where it needs to be!

I’d love to hear where your mindset is at right now – so send me a DM and share!

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