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Empowered Women

Strait On Track

Empowered women is Strait on Track. The definition of empowered:

We don’t know how our friendship began but we do know why. It’s our common love for George Strait. The friendship has survived many road trips to George Strait concerts and fighting over which one he will marry (even though we know that will never happen). They say friendship is like fine wine they get better with age and oh boy have we aged. We constantly wonder “How are we still friends?” Somehow between life, milestones, kids, deaths, jobs, and different states, we are still friends and more empowered than ever.

You Need Different Types of Friends

We read somewhere that you need 4-5 types of friends. If you google this you will get many answers. The types could be; The Brutally Honest Friend, The Worldly Friend, The Flexible Friend, The Overachiever, The Long-Standing Friend, Comic Relief, Life Coach, Risk Taker, The Challenger or The Loyalist. Somehow we have encompassed all of these for each other. Yes, we have more friends (or at least we think we do) 🤔 This is why we think our friendship is special.

Our Friendship

As we look back many events have proved this correct…. The time when one of us was at the bar and made the other come out their bed still in their PJs as we needed them now (really just to drink). The time of a life crisis that demanded a visit to the Mexican restaurant parking lot like NOW. Our love for George Strait & country music and truly believing that we could sing.

Standing in a lightning storm waiting for Tim McGraw in our Mickey Mouse rain ponchos. Or maybe the time we told our husbands we were taking them to Vegas for their 40th birthday party and FYI we “girls” were going to the George Strait concert who just “happened” to be there. Or the many times when one of us gets emotional and the other hysterically laughs at them while the other one is sobbing in tears…. The list could go on.

Loud American & Quiet Canadian

I am a loud American and need someone in my life to keep me alive daily. Learn more about me, BK, here: Bert is the loyal, disciplined and the quiet Canadian. We are empowered, women. The First time I met Bert was when she walked into our work office with her two small kids because she was starting a new job there. Enter in the first judgement…. My first thought “Wow a stay at home mom coming back to the workforce this will be interesting and she won’t last here.” 2nd thought (Judgement) “ I wish I had enough courage to be a stay at home mom and be a good mom like her.” One reason we are starting this blog is due to the constant judgment on ourselves. We all have so much to offer so why are we as women so hard on another and especially ourselves???


Honestly, our friendship should be one for the record books. We didn’t realize until this year when we were on a yoga retreat in June and one of the attendees said “ You guys are like Lucy & Ethel, You guys have been friends for a long time and do so much, I wish I had a friend like you” Bert and I would have usually followed this up by pointing at each other and laughing “This bitch she’s a hot mess!” Instead, this time we both looked at each other and said “Thank you “ Yep I am Lucy as I tend to get myself into all kinds of situations and Bert is trying to get me out. Bert is Ethel who is usually the voice of reason. Together we are close friends who are constantly scheming together getting through life.

Since that drive home from the yoga retreat, we decided to launch “Strait on Track”. We may have also planned our funerals on this drive (more on this later). Strait on Track will be real, funny and be your friend. Maybe the friend you can eat Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Joe Joes. – whoops, Squirrel! I needed a snack.

Friendship & Struggles

Strait on Track we will share our friendship, life’s struggles and help you find, jumping and/or staying on track in everyday life. Empowered women are what we want to help build. Being a resource in tracks of life including Movement, Wellness, Relationship, Self Care, and Empowerment. A Vinyl record has two sides. Bert & BK have been striving to fill both sides with #1 hits. We know that isn’t always possible or reality but we continue to strive to improve our tracks. In our friendship, we have realized that we need each other to continue to build our record and support each other when it skips.

Empowered Women

Strait on Track will expand our friendship to you. Empowering women every day and helping you grow. Sharing our successes, struggles, and solutions for all women to come together to build the most amazing #1 Record Album. In a safe place where we support each other, no judgment and where you believe you are a Flipping Unicorn!

Will you join us?

“You want to be more confident? Hang out with People who Are”. – Rachel Hollis

Strait on Track


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