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Are You Ready to Be a Change Leader?

Are you Ready to Be A Change Leader?

Are there some words that you just dread hearing?

“Mom…Mom…Mom…What’s for dinner?” (After you told them three times earlier.)

“It’s time to file your income tax return!” (Ugh!)

“I’m just being honest…” (Which is really just someone trying to excuse their rudeness.)

But one that I truly don’t like to hear is…

“Well, we’ve always done it like that!”

*Insert eye roll emoji here*

I can’t stand it.

What About Tradition?

Now, some of you may be thinking, “But Brenda…certain things are rooted in tradition!”

Yeah, I’m not talking about putting your Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving or always serving ribs at your 4th of July barbecue.

I’m talking about when changes need to be made, and instead of getting with the program, someone pulls out the old, “But that’s the way we’ve always done it!


Here’s what I say to that: Complacency is the forerunner of mediocrity. (Thank you, Don Meyer!)

And mediocrity is definitely not what I want for me, my team, or my customers! How about you? I’m betting that you never want someone to describe you as mediocre.

So, you always need to be willing to step up and lead change! Because with change, you will experience growth and transformation.

One thing I always ask of my coaching clients is how comfortable they are with change – and how comfortable they are with leading others through change. 

Lead Through Change

Why do I ask? It’s simple.

While you may be good at change on a personal or solo level – you need to be able to lead others through it, too-  because most others are not. As a strong change leader, you will be able to get you, your team, and your clients and customers through a change (or multiple changes) – and be stronger for it on the other side.

But how do you do that? How do you lead others through change? Here’s how!

1. Focus on the Problem

  1. Focus on the problem

What? Focus on the problem? Yes, because everyone first needs to recognize that the problem is there – and that it’s not going away and that what you’re currently doing isn’t working. When you focus on the problem, it’s easier for everyone to see the solution as a benefit and an improvement. Everyone needs to buy into the fact that a problem exists. This makes change infinitely easier.

2. Get Input

  1. Get input on solutions from your team. 

If you want everyone to “buy in,” – then ask for help in coming up with a solution. When a team sees that their input is valued – once again, change is not as hard

3. Reasonable TimeLine

  1. Be reasonable with your timeline

I’ll admit that I still struggle with this on occasion because when I know that change needs to happen – I want it to happen immediately. But, you need to set a reasonable timeline for making it happen. Change is never instantaneous – even if we wish it were.


4. Identify Your Supporters

  1. Identify your supporters

We all have those people who are ready and willing to make change happen on our teams – and you need to enlist them to help you – especially if you have some team members who are dragging their feet.

5. Celebrate Success

  1. Celebrate successes

Every change plan involves a series of small steps/goals –  and as those goals are met – congratulate and celebrate with your team. This will help keep the momentum going towards the big end goal!

6. Acknowledge Setbacks

  1. Acknowledge the setbacks

Yes, every road to significant change will have setbacks – and you don’t want to sweep them under the carpet or ignore them. Instead, acknowledge them, get feedback on them, and continue moving forward.

7. Lead By Example

  1. Be a leader by example

Yes, you could hand out the tasks to everyone and ask them to report back to you with what they’ve accomplished, but instead – get in the trenches with your team and work with them. Your team wants to see that you’re leading with actions – not just words.

Change Is Transformational

And yes, while I was talking about change as a business leader, can you see how this can also help you on a personal level, too? The steps are the same – no matter what change you want to bring about in your life.

Change is challenging, scary, exciting, powerful, impactful – well, it’s just about every adjective you can throw at it as you work through the various stages. But most of all…it’s transformational.

Are you ready to transform?

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