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9 Ways to Master Prioritization

Let’s Talk About...Prioritization!

All right…it’s the final part of our three-part series of important things starting with the letter “P.”

We’ve talked about procrastination and perfectionism, and now I want to talk about one of my other favorite “P” words – PRIORITIZATION.

If you find yourself saying, “Brenda…girl, these have been some pretty heavy topics…” – you’re not wrong.

The Importance of Prioritization

But they are all SOOOO important. 

  1. They’re important to us with our careers. 

  2. They’re important to us with our spouses. 

  3. They’re important to us with our children. 

  4. They’re important to us with our friends.

  5. They’re important to us with our goals.

And prioritization may be the most important one of all.

Is She Wonder Woman?

I want you to think about that person who always seems to have it together? Maybe she’s someone you work with? Maybe it’s your bestie? But no matter what comes at her, she’s an asset at the office. She makes time to go to the gym. She has time to spend with her friends and family.

You might think she’s Wonder Woman.

But she’s not. 

She’s just mastered PRIORITIZATION.

Prioritization is a Skill

I did not always have this skill. 

Sometimes work would overrun my life – and my friends and family would suffer.

Sometimes work would overrun my life – and my health would suffer.

Sometimes work would overrun my life – and my work would suffer.

A Prioritization Meeting

Then I had a little bit of a “Come to Jesus” meeting with myself (Yes, meetings with yourself should happen on a regular basis) – and I knew that I needed to reassess my priorities – and put them front and center.

  1. So my health became a priority. (Thank you, Pilates and Beauty Counter, for being there for me!)

  2. My family and friends became a priority. 

  3. And work – while still a priority – became much more manageable. 

“Okay, Brenda…how’d you do it?”

9 Ways to Master Prioritization

Define Your Value

Yes, you need to decide on your core values. Without knowing your values, it’s practically impossible to prioritize – because it all seems important. When you know what your core values are – it’s easy to prioritize – because you can quickly see what’s valuable to you.

Connect Your Values To Your Goals

Once you have your values defined, see how they connect to your goals. If they don’t connect – it may be time to change your goals or drop them altogether.

Create Habits that allow you to achieve Your Goals

“The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring just enough discipline to establish it. “-Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

Yes, good habits are where it’s at when it comes to prioritizing things! Want to make getting to the gym a priority? Then make it a habit. Want 15 minutes of quiet in the morning to reflect on your thoughts? Then make it a habit to get up 15 minutes earlier. Want to make it a habit to leave work at work? Then make it a habit to share your boundaries with those who need to know.

Take Stock of Your Commitments

If you look at your calendar and see an endless list of commitments and things to do – then it’s time to take stock of them. Do you need to sit on three committees at work? Most likely not. Do you need to attend every PTO meeting? Unless you’re on the board – nope. Keep the things that align with your goals and values – and then decide on whether you will continue to participate in the others or not. (This may be a good opportunity to practice saying, “No.”)

Celebrate Progress

Too often we don’t celebrate the good things – and we can’t forget to do that! CELEBRATE PROGRESS!

Overcome Obstacles

You are going to face obstacles. But don’t let them deter you. Look at ways to overcome them – and keep working.

Know Your Boundaries

Your goals vs. Their goals

We talked about boundaries a while back, and when it comes to prioritizing – boundaries need to be in place. With boundaries, you can tell if you are working on your goals or if you are working on somebody else’s goals.

Take A Break When Needed

We all need a breather every now and again. A time when we give ourselves a break – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Never forget this! Going Mach 10 all the time is not going to do you – or anyone else – any good.

Modify and Adjust

  1. Modify and adjust

Here’s the thing…you can modify and adjust your priorities at any time. Let me say it again. Modify and adjust your priorities as needed. Work may be a priority this week because of a huge project. But next week, you and your family might come first. There’s nothing stopping you from reprioritizing! NOTHING!

What are Your Priorities this Week?

So…what are your priorities this week? For me, it’s to show up as my best self at each of my meetings, to get to Pilates, and to spend some quality time with my husband. 

If you’re willing to share what you’re prioritizing this week – I’d love to hear! Just leave a comment on the blog or on my social media.

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