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8 Things to Do During Quarantine

The quarantine that we are all under is something we have never experienced before. What a change from the life we are all used to. Unlike many I am not crafty, I don’t like to cook or organize things. So, what is there left to do? Lots! I have created a list of 8 things to do during the quarantine.

Organize & De Clutter

Feels like this is the first thing people do. I would rather do the fun stuff first and then when I get bored then I organize. My husband has been busy cleaning and he is driving me nuts! What I do is watch him clean and then sort through any pile he thinks he will throw away. He wanted to throw away his baby shoes! He is tackling the big stuff while I think of the small stuff. Ordered a lid organizer off of Amazon for the annoying plastic drawer. Finally, put ball caps in our entry closet in a plastic tub. After that, I needed a break😆

Self Development

Self Development is important to Bert & me. Usually this is something I have done a lot through work. So now that we are quarantined to working from home what do we do? Did you know there are all kinds of online courses to take around self-development? Currently, I am taking a course with Jenna Kutcher. How about learning about stocks so you know what to do about your 401k and investments when the time is right? My pile of development books is ready to go either a new read or an old read.

Dream and Plan your Next Travel

After quarantine is over I am not sure where I will want to go first. Probably Florida to see Bert. This time has left me craving a good camping or glamping trip with my family. My family loves camping but I need a little more accomadations than sleeping on the ground. Being married to a wildlife biologist this can cause some big disagreements on where to stay. My travel will probably stay in the US and will work on trip to Arizona, Grand Canyone or the Pacific Northwest. Just have fun with it and dream! There are great online sources and you can spend hours getting absorbed in ideas.

Try Exercise Virtually

Real, I have a love-hate for exercise. Now that I can’t go to the Pilates Studio or the gym☹️ The Studio I teach at started Virtual Pilates classes and they have been amazing! As a teacher, it is a bit intimidating but just have to stay focused. From a student perspective, I have been taking 1 pilates class a day! My personal trainer has been sending me workouts. My gym has given everyone access to LesMills online. Honestly, there are so many options that I absolutely have no excuses! If you are a person that is scared to go to something new or a gym this is your time! There are days that I sign up for 2 pilates classes and sometimes I don’t do the entire class of the 2nd class. I have been using this as an opportunity to keep myself accountable and allowing my body to move a little more as I need it.

My favorite go to’s are:

Welcome to Rivercity Pilates

River City Pilates


Performance Health & Fitness

Re-Decorate a Room

The walls are closing in on us, literally some days! Living in the Midwest there are days my house feels very dark. First paint colors, Sherwin Williams, for example, allows you to upload your own picture, pick out paint and paint your walls to see if you live it. Most places are offering drive up so you don’t have to get out of your car. Pinterest boards there is so much inspiration! My favorite blogger is The Spoiled Home and they have so much material on decorating and their favorite paint color options. There are many more home decorating bloggers, like Mytexashouse, or you can find your own. Typically bloggers post their buys on their Like to Know It app and you can ❤️what you like and come back to it. I like to look through the Right now I am working on my outdoor space so we can use that on days there is sunshine or warmer.

Binge TV

What kind of quarantine would this be if we weren’t binging TV.

My list:

  1. Ozarks

  2. Tiger King – yes we watched it! You couldn’t look away!

  3. Chernobyl

  4. Friends – Bert’s Favorite

  5. Sex & The City – BK’s Favorite

  6. Game of Thrones

  7. Dirty John

  8. Crown

  9. Brene Brown

  10. Any Documentaries

Learn A New Skill

What have you always wanted to learn? Baking, Virtual Cooking Lessons, Photography, Meditation, and the list is endless.

My friend does adult and children, online class, for free or a small fee during this time. Check it out at Becky’s Mindful Kitchen

Miscellaneous Things to Do

  1. Read, Read and read some more

  2. Write a small note or letter to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile

  3. Write a fun note to a friend telling them why they are important

  4. Zoom calls are a hit right now!

  5. Clean your Carpets

  6. Play cards with your kids – Mine are older so its Eucher

  7. Read Strait on Track blog posts

Don’t get stuck. Brainstorm and make a list. Then when you are feeling restless go to the list and pick one thing! Stay safe everyone!

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