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You Choose How You Show Up

You Choose How You Show Up

We all know that life is one big series of choices. 

  1. Whether it be having a donut for breakfast or the healthy smoothie. 

  2. Going to the gym or sleeping in for an additional 45 minutes. 

  3. Starting your day with gratitude or continuing to be upset because there are dishes in the sink.

  4. Stopping to chat with a co-worker or going directly to your desk because you’ve got a busy day.

These are all seemingly small choices…but they affect you and those around you.

Impact of Choices

And have you ever really thought about how they impact you? Your day? Your energy? Your impact? 

What I’m getting at is that YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU SHOW UP.

A while back, I realized that I wasn’t showing up as the person I wanted to be seen as. If I wanted to grow personally and professionally, if I wanted to have a positive influence on those around me, if I wanted to make an impact…I needed to make some changes.

I needed to choose how I was going to show up…and I needed to do it in a way that was authentic for me.

But what did that mean exactly?

How Do You Want to Show UP?

It meant taking an objective look at myself and deciding what was important to me and what wasn’t.

It meant sharing my honest opinions. I had to learn to communicate in a way that was effective and allowed me to speak my truth – without being condescending and rude. (And yes, it can be done.)


It meant pursuing career goals that were aligned with my passions and the skills I knew I had. (You all remember me telling you about my boss asking me if I wanted to be a trader or a leader – but that I couldn’t be both. I knew I could be both…and how I showed up made a difference in proving to them that I could.)


It meant embracing my flaws and showcasing my talents. You may be thinking that embracing your flaws is a mistake, but it’s not. It allows you to seek out others to help you (which is a powerful skill in itself – that ability to ask for help) and makes your skills shine.

Fears & Confidence

It meant facing my fears – which I continue to do on a daily basis.

It meant finding what made me confident – from the little things like Pilates or my favorite pair of heels – to the big things like the successful completion of a project at work – and celebrating those things.

It's Your Choice

It meant constantly trying to improve myself.

And it’s not always easy to choose how you show up. 

Others are going to try and influence you – and often, it’s in a negative manner. 

They’re going to try and bring you down. Pass the buck. Question your values. Blame you for something. Throw you off-kilter.

But you can’t let it happen. 

The choice in how you show up is 100% yours.

Call To Action How do you want to Show up?

This week, make a conscious effort in how you show up – whether it be at home, at work, with family or friends – in all aspects of your life. And then, let me know how it goes. Drop me a DM or leave a comment – I can’t wait to hear!

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